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 Asus young women blackmail case being held in october could be given state compensation sum.

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Asus young women blackmail case being held in october could be given state compensation sum. Empty
PostSubject: Asus young women blackmail case being held in october could be given state compensation sum.   Asus young women blackmail case being held in october could be given state compensation sum. Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 3:04 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Last occasion, Huang Jing of the particular four Proxy People together to talk about how the prosecution of ASUS. A value couple of million Notebook, Although he frequently for the junior 10-month "jail. inches In 2006, although your dog bought a ASUS personal computer, found in the mend process CPU Problematic. But, in the process of Rights, although he been advised the name of Asustek to extortion in the police department. Since in that case, although he has also been approved the arrest, typically the detention center spent 10 many weeks. Recently, Huang Ching-end caused by "a miscarriage of justice" was certified while in the state for compensation. Yesteryear, Huang Jing and his lawyer thought he would make reputation ASUS intrusion, sales of fake in addition to shoddy goods, and having false charges against several lawsuits.
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Pick up problems CPU "Just journeyed in, I feel stuffed with confidence. " April 17, 2006, although he was only 22 yoa on suspicion of extortion by simply Haidian Procuratorate approved the arrests, and thus this detention center. Recalled the pioneer days, although he reported: "I did not extortion, So i am not wrong, I think I can soon go out. "At time, although he afraid to sleep contained in the detention center shops were crowded per pass, only sideways body and last and last sleep. Huang Jing complex to sleep, even extra painful is that the moment close my eyes, and Asus could be scenes disputes appeared with her eyes...... Being held 8 weeks before the Capital Higher educatoin institutions of Economics, although your dog was a junior. Modification her fate, is it worth 3 million yuan of Taiwan's Asus V6800V type Portable computers. 2006 2 9, Huang Ching-ASUS trader in Beijing Weiye Know-how Development Co., Ltd. partners bought the station V6800V notebook. Buy back the identical afternoon, the computer will run as soon as blue screen of the loss, and forced off so and then can in no way boot. Subsequently, after quite a few repair, the computer continues a problem. The continue repair, ASUS engineers shared with Huang Jing, "because you wait very long, free to 2. 0GHz from CPU upgrade to a couple of. 13GHz". Since then, although he found "new" complications with the computer more, start as few as an hour, took a temperature of body exterior scorch the wood stand. Huang Ching-through Software Noticed, the computer CPU is usually installed Intel Engineering types of the company's processor, and / or test version of PROCESSOR. Confirmed that the stableness of poor CPU general performance, is banned in this marketplace, Intel's sales. Subsequently, Huang Jing Zhou Chengyu, and also questions and agents, in the ASUS service center consult Beijing products. Video reporter once that has passed, the engineers recognized the CPU replaced by your ASUS and the ASUS guaranty available. Rights Fanzao charge, Although he obtained research, ASUS decided to go over a statement. To secure themselves, she used the girl's mother's family name, some pseudonym for himself, "Long contemplates this kind of idea. " February 15, 2006, even if he took the video clip data, together with Zhou Chengyu receive Asus Xuyou Jia regarding China business, general manager of this engineering samples to conduct a primary conversation CPU. During a negotiations, although he designed, in accordance with this Asus 0. 05% from annual turnover for punitive loss, the amount of all 5 million U. S. $, after which the Compensation Fund for any establishment of fraud. 3 earliest, at several times right after unsuccessful negotiations, although he announced the termination of this ASUS settlement negotiations, and is just about to sue. March 7 i'm, when Huang Jing plus Zhou Chengyu ASUS one more time, the Haidian Police you will encounter two away, because a report said Asustek seemed to be extortion. Huang Jing was learned out of your lawyers office, ASUS known, the CPU has also been replaced to conceal the circumstance. Subsequently, Huang Jing, and Zhou Chengyu appeared to be under criminal detention with suspicion of extortion detain until approved and was pumped to the Haidian Detention Center custody. 2006 4 11, this unique newspaper reported the occurrence, Asustek said in some sort of statement: "Recently, Zhou Chengyu, 'Dragon give consideration to coming' two by Asustek, during maintenance test version of CPU to employ by the, to Asustek Laptop extortion five million Ough. S. dollars, a serious violation one's legitimate rights and fascinates, but also the normal operations one's company has had a massive impact. "Prison has tried to help commit suicideIn the detention center in your days past, memories with fear, although he slowly filled the particular. "There is no a single believe me, believe I actually was extortion Asus, perhaps even advised me to plead guilty. " Slowly, although he realized that he may need to the detention center, or even prison stay a long time. Huang Jing, said days gone by, she was every day inside of a daze. She wanted to help mother wrote, but while in the detention center in the letter towards family can only have money and clothing, each and every else can mention. And once, although he would choose to choose to commit suicide, but when she idea must give ourselves a statement, they abandoned doing so. "I told them should go out. " Utilizing this faith, although he came out over. Huang Jing, another pillar of this mother. 22 October, reporters arrived at Shijiazhuang, although he met the caretaker of Miss Long. Typically the former soldiers, have shown a deep beginning to the final. Miss Long told reporters, Strut 7, 2006, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Domain, she was working, unexpectedly found her daughter absent. Until I heard your ex on suspicion of extortion by your police caught ASUS, your man heart had calmed decrease. "At that time Huang Jing of your school, friends do don’t you have a daughter the reports, every day I fear she could be trouble. Received an arrest warrant sent by your public security organs, I but minds tend to be ease, at least I recognize my daughter was still alive. "Always believed her daughter Miss Long is absolutely not a crime, although he hired a law firm to, and a fixed time invest in to send food with the daughter. "Her daughter has never had any pain, I was afraid she'd crash every day...... inches Here, the mother is calm in the glow of tears from the eyes. 10 months just after, the lawyer, although he repeated the contractors and then exchange views on so, although he is an excellent fraud made up just simply over defenders when the angle. The detailed investigation in your Haidian's Procuratorate, the issue has gradually emerged thus for the better. 2006 12 twenty six, Haidian's Procuratorate, citing deficient evidence, approved by Huang Ching-bail. In your hard waiting 10 many weeks later, Huang Jing last of all meet her mother. Finally got found definitely not guilty"Daughter was reluctant to get out every day and could not contact any friends, ordinarily a person sitting in some sort of daze. 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Asus young women blackmail case being held in october could be given state compensation sum.
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