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 The comparison between Samsung LTE GT-B3740 and Huawei E398 USB Modem

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PostSubject: The comparison between Samsung LTE GT-B3740 and Huawei E398 USB Modem   Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:59 pm

They are very inseparable to our lives, as far as we know, and many manufacturers produce the usb stick, such as Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone, Samsung, Sierra, Novatel etc. And most of the modern people must be very familiar with the 3G usb sticks, which are also the most widely used in the ranges of modems, and according to the classifications of speed, the usb modems could be divided into five categories: 3.6 Mbps USB modem, 7.2 Mbps , 21.6 Mbps , 42 Mbps and 100 Mbps, and a majority of the existing modems belong to the front classes, comparatively speaking, the 100 Mbps USB stick are less on the market, and Samsung GT-B3740 and Huawei E398 USB Modem are part of this category. As part of the fastest USB modems, the comparison between them is inevitable, and in the previous articles, we have already talked about the features of Samsung LTE GT-B3740 USB stick in detail, and the first difference of them consists in the launched time, although huawei has already unveiled the Huawei E398 USB modem in February 2010, it's available until recently, and Samsung LTE GT-B3740 has already came out for some time, and I think some of people have already used it. Checking their features carefully, you will find that there is a big difference between them. As the first LTE device, Samsung GT-B3740 LTE 4G USB dongle modem can make us surf on the internet as long as the LTE network is available, not refer to the 3G and 2G network, that is to say, Samsung LTE Vodafone Stick only supports 4G LTE network, which doesn't support 2G and 3G internet, maybe this is not very convenient when the signal is weak in some places. Regarding the Huawei E398 LTE USB modem, it supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network, so if you are in the mountain or some remote places, even though the 3G signal is not very good and difficult to access, you can still access to the internet(chat with your friends online, check the emails etc). The point mentioned above is the biggest difference, and the difference in aspect is very evident, so we ignore it. At last, we have to say that the download speeds of Samsung GT-B3740 and Huawei E398 LTE USB Modem are so amazing; both of them could be up to 100Mbps, the ultra high speed mobile broadband will catch people's eyes straight away in future.

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The comparison between Samsung LTE GT-B3740 and Huawei E398 USB Modem
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